Starting at the beginning

It’s hard to have an empty blog in front of you and to know what to write that might have a chance of being of interest to others. I suppose that it’s probably best to start at the beginning when writing about our new business venture.

The beginning for this story, I guess, was when my wife, Hana, and I decided to go into business together. She is from Sao Paulo, Brazil, and has a background in food and catering, whilst I am from Newington Green, North London, and have a background in online marketing.

We figured that if our business was going to have a chance at being successful it needed to play to our strengths, and in particular to Hana’s previous experience in food and catering. We needed something that we could be sure we’d be able to do something special with, so we decided it should mix our passion for great food and drink with our love of Brazil and Brazilian culture. We quickly determined that a speciality coffee shop which served top-quality homemade food and drinks would fit the bill.

We wanted the atmosphere to be soft and gentle, a bit like being at home in your living room. It should be modern and yet simple and homely. It should be somewhere that people can enjoy regardless of whether they were from the UK or from Brazil.

It took approximately one and a half years of thinking and planning before we were eventually ready to take the plunge, but we think we ended up with the best of all worlds. We love the business we’ve started, and we think you will too.

Welcome to Tangerina Artisan Coffee Shop!


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